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Jim Schmidt (MBA, B Eng (Chem)(Hons))

Jim has experience in a wide range of roles from Conceptual Engineering to General Management (Development) in various aspects of the non-conventional oil and gas industry. Key aspects include leading multi-disciplined development groups, commissioning groups and early operations (Production and Reliability) management of a number of particularly difficult first of a kind, solids and liquids plants from pilot to commercial scale in a number of different countries.

Jim’s strengths lie in his energy levels, wide experience, dedication to the task, ability to plan, negotiate and prioritise and to get the best from a full range of people, internal and external, individually and as a team. Experience includes working in different countries with different cultural requirements.

Steve Yeardley (B Eng (Chem)(Hons), RPEQ)

Steve has experience in both the conventional and non-conventional oil and gas industry with involvement in commissioning 'first-of-a-kind' process units, project engineering and project management.

Significant modelling and simulation experience is provided by Steve to PROCOM. Steve has also had involvement in certification of alternative fuel sources for use as transportation fuels.

Steve's strength is his determination and commitment to each project, with a strong desire to see a project through to completion with particular focus on the project technical aspects.

Other Key Personnel

Other experienced personnel are available from PROCOM to fulfill individual project requirements, with Lead Engineering personnel from Process, Mechanical, Instrumentation and Controls, and Electrical disciplines. Team Leader details and experience are available upon request.

       Full CV's for personnel are also available  upon request.

PROCOM continues an active relationship with a broad range of experienced consultants and can provide a complete team backed proposal to any tasks around the core businesses outlined.


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