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PROCOM has developed a significant amount of firsthand experience at the design, commissioning and operation of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plants, having worked for both LNG plant suppliers and LNG plant customers.

Smale Scale LNG

PROCOM personnel have been involved in a number of small-scale LNG projects, specialising in the production of LNG for remote power station and vehicle fuel applications. Our engineers have provided concept through detailed design engineering for a number of small-scale LNG projects.

Typical plant sizes range from 25 tpd to 200 tpd utilising a range of LNG liquefaction technologies including:

  • Closed Nitrogen Loop
  • Mixed Refrigeration (MR)
  • Turbo-expander

Small Scale LNG Design Case Study

PROCOM management and engineering have played key roles in the technical design, operational and commissioning roles for Energy Developments Limited with their recent West Kimberley Power Project (WKPP). This project delivered a 200 TPD LNG plant to Karratha, WA, along with six LNG powered, power generating facilities.

The PROCOM team has performed a significant portion of the work in the comprehensive project, including:

  • Technical design and full specification for LNG storage/ loading/ transfer/ vaporisation systems
  • Vehicle loading system
  • Conceptual design including modelling of the LNG facility
  • Technical detailed design for ‘balance of plant’ (i.e. excluding gas pre-treatment and coldbox)
  • Commissioning management
  • Operations management
  • Environmental approval support
  • Resource estimate
  • Cost estimate
  • Purchasing technical support

PROCOM also assisted in the development of suitable LNG fuelled trucks for the transport of the LNG from the production facility to the power generation facilities. Becoming fully operational in June 2008, the WKPP is a significant development for those remote regions which have limited access to electricity grids to service their energy requirements.

Project Management

PROCOM provides independent advice, engineering and studies for LNG projects and maintains relationships with the main suppliers of LNG Plant technology at the small-scale. The PROCOM team also includes significant cryogenic experience. PROCOM offers experience from General Management of the technology development process, and cover all aspects of the project definition. The group understands the balances between time, cost and quality in development projects.


PROCOM Engineering has experience in design and commissioning of LNG storage, loading, unloading and transfer systems. PROCOM’s ability to work directly with LNG plant technology providers such as SALOF Refrigeration has enabled the engineering staff to gain a detailed understanding of many aspects of LNG process plant design.

PROCOM has experience in seeking legislative approval for gas engines, pipelines and other LNG related equipment. PROCOM can help to identify hazardous areas and zoning requirements for new and existing LNG plants. The Engineering and Operations teams are familiar with the requirements and procedures which are in expected at Major Hazardous Facilities.

Commissioning and Operations

Key operations personnel, who have experience in the commissioning, maintenance and operation of LNG plants, contribute to the core strength of the PROCOM group. Our field support personnel have multi-trade skills and retain experience as operator maintainers on LNG plants and oil/gas facilities. Their input throughout the stages of design is essential for achieving good results in Commissioning and Operations.

The PROCOM operations team’s dynamic ability to write operating instructions, communicate with all levels of management, and teach new starters their knowledge has been found to be of great assistance to companies new to the LNG field. These services have also been provided to mainstream oil and gas companies. Amongst the team are experienced team leaders, commissioning managers, operations managers and trades people.

Risk Management Services

The PROCOM risk management team is made up of trained and experienced risk assessment facilitators who have been involved in a variety of risk evaluation and mitigation studies. PROCOM is experienced in managing risk across all phases of the project including planning, execution, commissioning, operations and project management.

Specific experiences of our team include:

  • Risk assessment workshops (HAZOP, PHA, HAZID, HAZAN, SIL)
  • Bowtie diagrams
  • Consequence modelling
  • Hazardous area classification
  • Development of safety cases for major hazard facilities

We welcome you to contact us to discuss your project requirements.


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