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PROCOM provides engineering and field support services to the conventional oil and gas industry. Our engineers have a wealth of experience in the conventional and alternative fuel industries waiting to be applied to new and existing projects.

Engineering Design and Process Modelling

PROCOM engineers are able to apply the extensive knowledge of oil refining in the modelling of processes, covering distillation of crude oil, hydrotreating of refined products and oil upgrading of low quality hydrocarbon to produce desired product.

We have also developed models of flue gas cleaning and syngas treatment systems, including sulphur and carbon dioxide capture using physical and chemical solvents, and carbon monoxide shift reactors to produce high purity hydrogen. PROCOM engineers are capable of providing engineering support for the design, technology selection, procurement, installation, and commissioning of these systems.

Field Support Case Study

PROCOM personnel have played several key roles in the $360 million Caltex diesel hydrotreater project. The project included the addition of a green field hydrotreater, new cooling tower, hydrogen purification unit, DCS and UPS upgrades. Through maintaining good working relationships with all key sub-contractors, the plant was constructed on time and on budget. The unit was commissioned, pre-sulphided and was operational at 100% of design capacity within 7 days of handover.

Specific roles that PROCOM performed include:

  • Provided Operations Management to the Project Team
  • Liaised with Refinery Management and day-to-day operations group for a seamless design and start-up
  • Provided operational input into the design and construction stages, HAZOP, HAZID, HAZAN, VIP analysis and Construction Planning
  • Coordinated the construction interface/permitting/Tie-In management, and integrated handover of plant by systems to allow an early start up
  • Handover management of all documentation
  • Construction, Pre Commissioning, Commissioning and Operations Planning
  • Commissioning Management
  • Operator Training
  • Supported the safety record of 1 LTI in over 1 million man hours on site

Recent Projects

Visit our KEY PROJECTS page for a comprehensive list of projects that the PROCOM team has performed.

Client Project Tasks
Caltex Lytton Refinery - Conceptual project development
- Construction planning
- Commissioning and operations management for clean fuels projects (benzene recovery and diesel hydrotreater)
- Commissioning services
- Catalyst reprocessing
- Water tank upgrade
OSD Pipelines Crude oil pipeline and tank farm facilities Process and mechanical FEED
ICD Conversion of refinery into tank farm Hydraulic and NPSH calculations
ASL Resources FPSO facilities Process modelling using ASPEN Hysys

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