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Power, gas and water play a big part in the operational costs of an organisation. With both energy and utility costs on the rise and emission standards getting more stringent day by day, maintaining control over operational costs is becoming a challenge. As a consumer, adopting an energy and utility management system is important for effective and efficient management of usage. Consequently, utility expenses can be reduced.

PROCOM offers an energy audit and consulting service to provide review of utility usage and optimisation of utilities through optimised design:

  • PROCOM offers a comprehensive energy management program that can be customised to specifically suit customer requirements, including initial audit, phased development and implementation.
  • PROCOM initiates the program with an energy consultation to identify customer needs and set up the management program structures and procedures.
  • The PROCOM team deploys services in stages with consultations in between to analyse further actions with regards to customer needs and perform all or part of the services within package according to client’s requirements and outcomes.
  • PROCOM is committed to conduct feasibility studies by preparing concept reports and drawings to provide an overview of the client’s system. Technical documentations will assist in decision making and planning before going into full launch of the program.
  • Additionally, PROCOM provides phased development where possible as a means of demonstrating the project without high initial investment costs to assist in making financial decisions.

We welcome you to contact us to discuss our Energy Audit capabilities and services in more detail.


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