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PROCOM engineers are proficient in utilising advanced simulation programs (ASPEN Plus, Hysys, Unisim Design, OGLA, Flarenet, Korf Hydraulics, PHAST etc.) to create models to help clients better understand and improve target areas of their facilities. Specific modelling experience of PROCOM personnel includes:

  • Extensive modelling of pyrolysis and gasification processes, including derivation and implementation of thermodynamic properties for non-standard solids components
  • Steady state multi-phase models of piping networks to optimise gathering system design
  • Dynamic pipeline modelling for optimisation of pigging schedules
  • Compressor surge studies for trouble-shooting plant upsets
  • Whole of plant model to validate vendor design with focus on process integration
  • Validation of models against plant data

If your organisation has a requirement for use of a specific modelling tool or software package, please contact us to discuss further. PROCOM engineers are experienced in a wide range of software packages, and also have the ability to develop custom tools and calculations as required.

Speak to us to discover how our modelling capabilities can unlock the hidden value within your processes and designs. 


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