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PROCOM personnel are experienced in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of proposed technologies. We can be relied upon to select the technology and design approach that best fits with the requirements of the client.

PROCOM capabilities in R&D include:

  • Conceptual studies
  • Technology development
  • Literature studies
  • Process selection
  • Test work planning and management
  • Pilot plant design and operation
  • Data gathering and analysis
  • Laboratory selection and analysis development
  • Results verification and analysis
  • Process Flow Diagram development
  • Management of the development process
  • Analysis of CAPEX and OPEX

Significant experience is available in this area, with significant work carried out under confidentiality agreements to protect vital Intellectual Property (IP). Specific experience can be discussed and provided on an individual basis as required. Our engineers have undertaken projects in the following areas:

  • Coal gasification (both above and below ground)
  • Shale pyrolysis
  • Coal pyrolysis
  • Lignite gasification and liquid production
  • Cellulose/organic material gasification and liquid production
  • Municipal waste gasification

Please contact us to find out how PROCOM can assist you in the success of your next R & D project.


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