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Risk is an unavoidable part of business; organisations must take risk in order to survive. At PROCOM, we believe it is essential to have a good understanding of risk from how to identify sources of risk through to how risk can be effectively assessed, analysed, managed and monitored.

PROCOM has experience with clients using a range of risk assessment and management techniques applied to various applications across a broad selection of industries. We can assist with selecting the most appropriate analysis technique for your circumstances.

The PROCOM risk management team conducts risk workshops in line with best industry practice, complying with full reporting requirements and ensuring that all workshop outcomes and recommendations are clearly documented. We have been involved in a variety of risk evaluation, mitigation and consequence modelling studies, with specific experience in:

  • Process Risk Management
    • Hazard identification studies (HAZID)   
    • Hazard and operability studies (HAZOP)
    • Process hazard analysis (PHA)
    • Bow-tie analysis
    • Layer of protection analysis (LOPA)
    • Safety integrity level (SIL) assessment
    • 'What if?' analysis & checklists
  • Project Risk Management
    • Project risk register
    • Management of change (MOC) procedures
    • 'Lessons learned' documentation
  • Hazardous Area Services
    • Hazardous materials and source identification
    • Material properties definition
    • Hazardous area classification schedule
  • Safety Case Development
PROCOM can undertake SIL assessment and determination, with personnel holding SIL qualifications with Exida (CFSE) for compliance and implementation of IEC61511.

Please contact us to find out how the PROCOM risk management services add value to your project or operations.


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