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PROCOM Consultants (PROCOM) is a growing Australian company that provides the full range of engineering, commissioning and operations services to the conventional oil & gas, energy and alternative energy industries. It was founded in 2005 by managers, engineers and operators who have been associated over many years with the development of conventional oil & gas, pyrolysis and gasification process technology worldwide and in Australia.

The PROCOM team is made up of approximately 50 engineers, and experienced operations and commissioning personnel. We provide engineering and field support services necessary to take a conceptual technology from laboratory scale, through a range of development stages, to achieve commercialisation. We offer a full suite of engineering services to provide field support, execution of small to medium projects, capital improvement projects, specialised process modelling, risk assessment and hazardous area assessments.

It is our objective to build on the unique experience gained by our personnel and to provide niche engineering and development services with a client focus. We also have the ability to follow projects through concept to operations, including optimisation and process improvement projects along with supporting services for risk assessment critical to all projects. PROCOM personnel have an impressive record of achievement and proudly service a range of industries.

PROCOM also has a number of affiliates who provide support services as required:

  • Environmental studies
  • Government regulatory support
  • Geology
  • Pipeline engineering

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