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With years of experience in engineering and field support of typical and first of a kind process plants, PROCOM is uniquely placed to service a client’s needs. The range of services offered by PROCOM provides specialised support in key areas of expertise not normally retained in an organisation.

Utilising the services of PROCOM, a client can focus attention on their areas of expertise and rest assured that:

  • The design will produce the correct product to the specified amount or better, based on the available data;
  • The safety, commissioning, operability and maintainability of the process are the key considerations throughout the project;
  • Environmental criteria are addressed in a timely fashion;
  • The correct people are available throughout the design, EPC processes to support the client’s interests;
  • The process is clearly understood by the operations staff before commissioning;
  • The initial operations are given every opportunity to be successful, and the procedures are revised to capture early learning in a timely professional manner;
  • The plant is made of suitable materials and equipment compatible with other plant on site to minimise costs in accordance with the best available information;
  • The reliability staff are trained, have systems to ensure that the correct materials and procedures are on hand to commission and later maintain the plant successfully;
  • The transition from design to operations can be done with little foreseeable interruption and rework;
  • The systems can be developed to ensure shutdown procedures are in place;
  • Correct information is available compatible with what the client needs to monitor and operate the business successfully;
  • The risks at each stage are clearly understood and strategies agreed;
  • Inevitable problems are minimised;
  • Change of management systems are well entrenched in the culture to keep the systems and documentation updated.

We welcome you to contact us to discuss your project requirements.


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